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Xavi’s wings

Where can I Find Wings?

      Xavi's wings

      First of all, we want to thank all the beautiful people who have made this beautiful detail possible, share Xavi’s wings and his face has been a gift for us.

      Thanks to Manel Panal for designing and making these beautiful wings; to Jordi ( Bicman ) for drawing the face of our angel, to the Weavers for actively participating in the project and making the yellow doves on behalf of the victims; to Xavi and the family of to design the t-shirts, Josep and Joan from CDR Rubí for the masks; to Teresa, the designer who has shaped the wings; to Sònia and Jordi who have been cut off; to Armando who printed them; to Pilar and to all of you who have made it possible to send these wings everywhere.

      Let us not forget that everything we do is for all the victims, to discover the truth of that fateful day and so that it never happens again.

      You can also find them on the website in the “Solidarity” section, where the T-shirts are also available.

      We continue to work to get the wings to more places, we will keep updating. Thank you so much!